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Ragnarok Online DS

The Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game created by Gravity of Korea will be on Nintendo DS. The popular MMORPG will be part of DS video game for the first time in history of Ragnarok Online. The Gung Ho Online Entertainment is the company runs Ragnarok Online in Japan. They are the company introduced the Ragnarok Online DS. Gravity will be stand the same as the game developer.

You will be controlling the main character Ares. Ares is a kid planning to have his own guild like his father. You can have your party mates, discover the places, learn jobs, powerful skills and more.

The game is very similar to the PC platform. The DS stylus it will serves like a mouse on PC that you can do the scroll or drag. Just tap the screen to attack the enemies and to get items. For casting of skills and spells you will just draw circles or may just draw any design. All jobs are still available but they added two new jobs the Dark Knight and Shaman. You can team up to 3 players only by the use of Wi-Fi connection and you can destroy the monsters you will be encounter in the game.

There will be a challenging dungeon called the Tower of Mirages. The place that generate random dungeon with 50 floors. There will be a surprising treasure and powerful monsters you will discover inside.

Ragnarok Online is still the best MMORPG in all time. They have the more success than the Ragnarok Online 2 that is why Gung Ho made RO on DS. Ragnarok Online will be schedule for release this coming December 18 in Japan. It is good timing for all the Japanese RO lovers they will spent Christmas on Ragnarok Online DS. Rok On! _\m/ :)

Here are some screenshots:

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Ragnarok Online: War of Emperium 2

Ragnarok Online introduced the new version of War of Emperium (WOE) the War of Emperium 2. The flow of siege in version 1 on WOE although exciting but very simple strategic plan and style of play. In WOE 2 you will be changing your tactics that you experience before.

The new features on War of Emperium 2:
  • Two new maps for the agits - They added two new maps for the agits in Rachel (Valfreya/Arunafeltz) and Juno (Nithafjol/Schwaltzvalt).
  • Fortress Gates - is wall of defense that composed of barricades. You can't pass through the Fortress Gates unless you destroy the guardian stones. Barricades are walls that blocks the Fortress Gate. It is an advantage for defending guilds allow them to cast skills and spells to their opponents. These barracades can't be rebuilt but it need to be install in the agit. There are items required for installation: 30 Trunks, 10 Steels, 10 Emvetracons and 5 Oridecons. The Guild Master is responsible for installation of barracades to Barracade NPC.
  • Guardian Stones - are the main root that holds the fortress gates and Guardian Soldiers. They were place in any location of the agits. Guardian Stones can be rebuild if they are destroy. The owners of the agit must prepare item requirements to rebuild the Guardian Stones. The following items are: 30 Stones, 1 Oridecon, 1 Elunium, 5 Blue Gems, 5 Red Gems and 5 Yellow Gems. If you complete those requirements the Fortress Gate or Guardian Soldiers will be reactivate. Take note rebuild the 2 Guardian Stones to activate both of them.
  • Guardian Soldiers - are the new guardians in the agits of Rachel (Valfreya/Arunafeltz) and Juno (Nithafjol/Schwaltzvalt). These are guardians that more powerful than the previous guardian in War of Emperium version 1. See Guardian Stones for guides in Guardian Soldiers.
  • Link Flags - these are flags to quick access in the Emperium Room. Link Flags give advantage for defending guilds. Just click the flags locate in any point of the agit and it will take you direct to the Emperium Room.
New style of play and strategy you will be experience in War of Emperium 2 of Ragnarok Online. :)
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Ragnarok Online Mercenary System

Mercenary system is the current features in Philippine Ragnarok Online this features is included in Nameless Patch. Mercenary is very similar to the Alchemists and Creators homunculus although mercenary cannot be feed unlike the homunculus. In this feature to let know players that mercenaries are very useful and big help for leveling alone especially for those support type jobs characters.

To have your own mercenary just purchase the mercenary scroll from any mercenary guilds in Prontera, Payon or Izlude. Just click the scroll in your inventory and you have it. As of now in Philippine Ragnarok Online made a little changes in Mercenary system. I still remember when I log on in game my friend gave me a mercenary scroll but now scroll can't be traded to others, drop even stored in the Kafra or in Super Novice or Merchant jobs cart.

Well there are 3 types or mercenary the Swordmen, Archers and Lancers. These mercenary can be only hired for just 30 minutes when the time finish you'll be summoning another scroll. They are look like the 1st job characters and their skills similar to it's class. Mercenary levels only depends on summoners level. You can determine the level of the mercenary in their looks especially in headgears.

Remember this for level 7 and up mercenary have an additional reliability specific requirements. To summon level 10 mercenary your character must be level 99 the only requirement to have more reliability points. The reliability points of mercenary only base on it's performance in battle. It simply means just base on points he killed. The more monster he killed the more points for mercenary. For every 50 monster killed his reliability level will increase but it will increase only if mercenary killed more than half of character base level. If your mercenary dies in the battle the points will be reset but if the summoner die you will lose one reliability point.

Mercenary have their own buffs (increase flee rate, attack speed, fast HP and SP recovery and hit rate). They will gain this buffs as long they have more reliability points. All buffs will be canceled if the mercenary dies. They have their own special skills that summoners cannot on it like:
  • Weapon Quicken - increases their attack speed using two handed weapons.
  • Crash - single hit attack chances to stun the enemy.
  • Regain - recovers from sleep and stun status effect.
  • Tender - recovers from freeze and stone status effect.
  • Benediction - recovers from curse and blind status effect.
  • Recuperate - recovers from poison and silence status effect.
  • Mental Care - recovers from hallucination and chaos status effect.
  • Compress - recovers from bleeding status effect.
  • Scapegoat- the mercenary will sacrifice his all HP and heals the controller.
We can use supportive skills in Mercenary like heal, blessing, provoke, safety wall and even elemental enchants of summoners (Sage/Scholar). Just take note blessing will not the increase the other stats . It will cancels the curse and add the hit rate of the mercenary. Provoke can cancel freeze and stone status. Safety Wall will recover the mercenary from stun, stone and frozen status effects.

Mercenary can be passive and active it will depends only to the summoner. They can separate by 15 cells away and back to it's controller. They can also use consumable items like HP/SP potions and increase attack speed potions.

See what a new world in Ragnarok Online with the help of the mercenaries. :)
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Ragnarok Online 3rd Job Class

I just heard the news that the Gravity the developer and publisher of Ragnarok Online announced the new 3rd jobs class but still in process. Some of the new possible jobs it looks like in the Ragnarok Manga comics. The new classes added new special skills that players will love it. It also said in DoddlerRO that you can be able to change job only into 3rd job classes if your character is in maximum job and base LVL of 99 transcendent or even 2nd job classes. The only advantage of the transcendent classes they will still be learning the transcendent jobs skills. It is also said that maximum base levels will be 150 and the sad thing is the job level will be decrease to 50 unlike before 70. Stats will be increase instead of 99 it will be 120. But don't get hesitate all things still in observation and things will be changed. All things around is in rumored.

Archbishop - new jobs for Priest and High Priest

Warlock - new jobs for Wizard and High Wizard

Mechanic - new jobs for Blacksmith and Mastersmith

Guillotine Cross - new jobs for Assassin and Assassin Cross

Ranger - new jobs for Hunter and Sniper

Rune Knight - new jobs for Knight and Lord Knight

Other possible new jobs Royal Guard for Crusader/Palladin, Sorcerer for Sage/Scholar, Minstrel for Bard/Clown, Wanderer for Dancer/Gypsy, Generic for Alchemist/Creator, Dark Chaser for Rouge/Stalker and Shura for Monk/Champion. These job classes still no information and under process.
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Ragnarok Online Zeny Makers the Merchant's

Most of the players in Ragnarok Online have Merchants. Merchant's are called zeny makers in the game. For all the jobs in Ragnarok Online they are business minded that's why they were called zeny makers. Merchant's have the special skills in business compare to the other jobs except for the Super Novices. Aslong you have the merchant you will be able to be rich if you want.

The most important skills of the Merchant Class in business:
  1. Items Appraisal - allows merchant to appraise the unappraise items like equipments. After appraising the items can be sell it to npc's or even trade to other players. This skill is just like magnifier item.
  2. Discount - merchant's can have their own discounts on buying items in npc's.
  3. Overcharge - is one of the best skills of the merchant jobs in terms of business. They can sell items in npc by overpricing.
  4. Vending - allows merchant to make his own shop in the public. He can make his own name of the shop. He can vend up to 12 items. Each items can be put the prices 1 up to 99,990,000 of the shop.
Merchant class make them different they are the factor to invest zeny in the game.
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Ragnarok Online with Pikachu

I can't believe on this the cute Pikachu in Pokemon world goes on Ragnarok Online. Here the story goes when Ash, Brock, Mystie and Pikachu continues their adventure to met the other pokemon trainers. While they are walking together, they saw an warp portal very bright light. The portal is looks like portal casted by Acolytes in Ragnarok Online. They got run, they thought it was a rare Pokemon but it is not. By unexpected moments an another portal appeared under Pikachu. Pikachu's absorb by the portal and the portal suddenly disappeared. Ash, Brock and Mystie worried so much to Pikachu. They don't know what it is and they thought it was another trick by team Rocket. Pikachu was warp in Payon Forest of the Ragnarok World. Pikachu was shock on the place! Pika! Pika! Pika! And he saw two people the Knight girl and the Gunslinger guy. The Knight girl try to catch Pikachu to be her pet, because she's tired of taking pet on her world and she wanted new. The Gunslinger try to shot Pikachu he thought is a new monster in their world. Pikachu got frightened... Then BOOOOOOOOOM it just a dream and Pikachu still happy because he still in the real world of Pokemon.

Don't take serious on this story. You will be confused. It is trip content. Just a TRIP! Remember this my own Ragnarok World. The World of fun! :)
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FrozenGlade Ragnarok Online: Candice Michelle

Remembering my FrozenGlade Ragnarok Online character named Candice Michelle. Her named based on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) divas. Anyway Candice Michelle is an Champion that suspected in the game an edited. She was the Guild Master of Four Season Hotel Guild in FrozenGlade Ragnarok Online. The guild didn't join the Guild War because of conflict in time. Yes it is true! Candice Michelle is an edit character. I don't make any deal to the Game Master (GM) it just happens. When I created Candice Michelle her first job as Merchant to Blacksmith. When I reached the max level of Blacksmith, I just suppose to change unto an High Novice but the problem the server has a bug. I can't change job Candice in Job changer Kafra. I waited for the Game Master will log on to talk for my problem. Then it announced in the game that the GM can be found on the Amatsu so I went there. I told her my problem and she turned me into a High Novice. I was shock on my stats still the same when I was Blacksmith. Hehe! I'm very silly I did'nt report to them but I rather to thank them. I want to have some fun on this server. Hehe! When I reach the job level 10. I'm thinking what job I will be choosing. My friends suggest that I will choose Champ so I decided to be a Champion. My Final Str 99, Agi 90+, Dex 99, Vit 99 and Luk 4. I couldn't remember what is my exact agility but I can reach attack speed to 187 with all agility equips. I like to play this Champion by doing combo moves. I'm always hunting Yggdrasil Berries for my PVP. That was I like it doing PVP. My Champion has been banned because some players in PVP especially Assasin Cross missed by Sonic Blow and sometimes hitted but still standing. It is just an memory and experience for me that never can be forgets and never will happened again. I don't even got mad whoever reported me an edited and banned Candice Michelle to the server. For me it is just for fun. :)

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