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Shop for a New Tablet – Tips to Buy a Perfect Tablet

Dell Streak 7Tablets are ideal for yourself or giving as a gift for any occasion and they can be truly perfect for college students. Even though tablets are not full desk top computers, they give you enough memory and computing power to get your work done. You can usually have multiple applications open for easy access while doing work. The tablet is a great middle-ground solution that fills another important need for consumers.

Another tablet using Android's 3.1 Honeycomb OS is the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. This is definitely not a portable tablet because it's large but sports a good quality design and construction. There are some potential drawbacks depending on what you're looking for, and you will not be constantly connected because it cannot connect to mobile broadband services. This device is large and has enough features that it is much like a netbook rather than a tablet. And what's really cool about the Eee Pad is you'll have access to ASUS' Web Storage service which is marketed as being unlimited.

The Dell Streak 7 has some positive features but one glaring negative is the battery life is a measly 3.5 hours worth on a full charge. That's something to think about considering other tablets have up to 10 and more than 11 hours on a single charge. The Streak 7 can be a 4G device if you elect to use T-Mobile's 4G network which will be an added monthly service charge, so other than that, you'll get many standard features found on other tablets. The operating system is Android's 2.2 which is not the latest version of Android and we feel the Streak 7 is not the best choice for a tablet purchase.

Windows lovers will want to check out the Archos 9 tablet because it operates on Windows 7, but this is a full service multimedia device due to the heavy involvement with media by Archos. There are some pretty good features and capability with the Archos 9, and this is often referred to as a tablet PC because it runs a full OS. You'll also really like the fact that it has a USB port, plus you can get full touchscreen functions but there is an upgrade involved with that which some may view as a negative. It seems that Archos should just make that a default feature which would increase the appeal of their tablet.

If you're shopping for a new tablet this year, then it's a wide open market with tons of good features and functions. So don't feel like you have to rush because you may overlook the perfect tablet. Figure out what you plan to use it for, and then base your initial research with that in mind.
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Very Useful IPad Apps You Want Anytime

iPad Apps
The Apple iPad has turned into a real sensation, and now that so many people own it, the next question becomes, which apps should you get for it? When you start investigating all the different apps that are made for, or compatible with the iPad, you might be amazed. There's really something for everybody, and in this article we'll be taking a look at some of the more interesting iPad apps you can find.

Documents to Go Premium is a very useful iPad app that's also compatible with your iPhone or iPod touch. It also includes a desktop application that can be used with either a PC or Mac. This app allows you to create and edit all kinds of documents in Microsoft Word format, as well as Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. In other words, you can do just about anything with Documents To Go Premium on your iPad that you could do on your computer with Microsoft Office. With this convenient app you can now create, edit and exchange documents on the run whenever you want. It's even compatible with Google Docs, and Dropbox.

Anyone who likes to draw will appreciate the Sketchbook Pro iPad app. One of the most interesting features of the iPad is that it allows you to draw directly on the screen, either using your finger or a stylus, and Sketchbook Pro gives you all the tools to make any type of illustrations you want. You have a wide range of colors, brushes and templates to use, and you can create galleries that can be exported to a photo library or to iTunes photo sharing. You can also email the images you create. This app is great, whether you're a professional illustrator or just enjoy sketching in your free time. This was named Drawing App of the Year in 2010 by Macworld, and Wired magazine listed it as one of its 5 "must have iPad apps".

If you're a reader, the Kindle iPad app is something you'll definitely want to get. Most people have heard of Amazon's Kindle ebook reader by now, but with this app you don't even need this device to read Kindle books, as the app is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Of course, the iPad is the most user-friendly format for reading books online, as it has a larger screen. As Kindle books become increasingly popular, more and more books are being made available in this format. Currently there are close to a million books that you can download to a Kindle or the Kindle app.

In conclusion, iPad apps allow you to get the most of this versatile device. It's almost impossible to keep up with all the apps that are available, as new ones are introduced almost every day. We've covered a few of the more popular ones currently on the market, but you'll probably find lots more you can use as well. Most iPad apps are inexpensive, and many of them allow you to perform the same tasks you can do on your laptop or desktop computer.
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3 Best Sites for Mac Games

There are many interesting sites to download games and is one of those. Another interesting game site is the where you can play and download free mac games like tears of Sekhmet, 4 elements for mac and blue reef Sudoku. Lastly, where you can also download mac hidden object games like Curse of the Pharaoh games.
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Online Games for Christmas?

Christmas is approaching, a gift giving day that everyone especially children have been waiting for. There are many gift ideas you can buy at different stores like Barbie dolls for girls and action figures and toy cars for boys but there’s one thing I know that is suitable for both girls and boys, the online games.

There are many downloadable games and online games to choose and most of them are offering a free trial demos to make sure you like the games before purchasing it. Some great online games you can you can get without even going to stores are:

Fishdom: Frosty Splash – a game where your kid’s creativity and design skills will enhance by making a wonderful, tropical fishtank as they earn money to buy fish and decorations for their tank.

Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse – it’s a dripping game with beautiful hidden scenes for you to solve so you can free the prince and live happily with Princess Isabella.

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season – a great action game for the Christmas season. A click management game where Emily needs to balance her duty for the holiday season and the romance between one of the two men.

These games are easily downloadable in your PC. So what everyone is waiting for this Christmas? Hurry and grab your kids and your family’s favorite online games that they will surely love to play.
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Hayden Kho - Bianca Araneta Scandal Video? Watch For It!

Till now the Hayden Kho scandal video still hot in the internet. For this past weeks another controversial scandal video have been uploaded in the internet. Hayden Kho Bianca Araneta Scandal Video? But the Hayden Kho scandal partner is unnamed. Some people says that is Bianca Araneta. Oh my! Maybe it just Bianca's look a like. Or a clone? Well there is no confirmation yet, who's girl on that scandal video.

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